IMG_2071IMG_5273Amanda Green, a Miami Beach native, is a classically trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist composer and vocalist with absolute pitch. She is also an an untrained pop visual artist.

In 2012, after creating dozens animated films for the videocast of the Phil Hendrie Show, Hendrie encouraged Amanda to move to Los Angeles to pursue her creative endeavors more actively. She did so

Amanda is currently the keyboardist for comedian Andy Dick’s band the Bitches of the Century. She also performed  at the Comedy Store on The Ding Dong Show every Monday night 2013-2016.

Currently Amanda is completing a full length album of original post wave rock music to be released in 2017.

She is also developing a music and video focused improvised live music series entitled ’20 Synthesizers in my Purse’* in which she improvises live music scores with a kaossilator, an iPhone broadcasting from a compact yet high quality bluetooth speaker in her purse.

“It’s really, really fun.” Green remarked.

Performing and composing almost ‘secretly’ in this way enables her to create live music pieces while interact with other pedestrians on the streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere

-perhaps without them even being aware of it.